Saturday, May 7, 2011

spitting applications

i bet you miss when i just sent drunk text at 1am
i couldn't sleep ... again, i swear this insomnia is annoying !!! i did take some Tylonol PM & finally fall out
you would think walking 8 miles would wear me out, but i swear it doesn't, maybe i need to up my miles

anywhosit, my point, or what i was trying to say Jon, is that you spread yourself to thin
you know, you really should spend some time with some ONE or something
don't feel like you need to see me
we will always be good :)
but you really should spend time with someone instead of a little bit with every single person
that's just my opinion, i think you need some quality time
i don't like just having a few short hours, it's not enough time to really talk
i mean, just skimming the surface :( not a fan, can't get into any depth cause there's not enough time to

i'll catch up with you in NC for a few day's or so, if you like, you know i LOVE the Carolinas :)


Last time i applied at a grocery store for a job, you walked in, filled out the application & talked with someone
now it's all done online which sucks !!! for every shit job !!! oye veh, pain in my buttocks

gotta take a personality profile test for this print shop job ... it's between me & one other candidate
this is the job i thought i just didn't get
turns out they REALLY are tossing over the decision
which still doesn't make sense to me, usually ONE stands out ... or you interview until ONE stands out
in all my hiring years i never dilly dallied for WEEKS !!! and that's before the recession when you just had a FEW apply to begin with !!!

Friday's interview was the quickest to date, there were a TON of people in there
i ALMOST hit the guy who interviewed me in the parking lot !! F-ing IDIOT
this moron is in front of me coming into the parking lot, he bust a Left into a parking spot THEN Reverses to get into a spot behind him across to my RIGHT
i slammed on my brakes !!! and proceeded to watch this douche bag, pull forward AGAIN infront of me & finally back is POS car into the spot. I didn't do anything, on the outside, but mouth "good job"
i parked and here comes douche, i open the door & holding it for him & he's like "aren'ti supposed to get that for you"
"if your quick enough" i said, at the elevator, he takes the stairs & that's when it occures to me this is someone with the company
waiting for the elevator there is a short lady, half crying and pacing/circling me, very distraught. we get in the elevator & she's all snotty, i say "allergies" & damn she almost broke down
inside the waiting area is when douche comes out & sit's beside me & is about to say something until someone calls him, he's gone. thank GOD cause i'm sure i would have said some smart ass remark at that moment
the whole interview which lasted maybe 6mins, the guy is scratching his nose !!! i don't know what everyone was allerlgic to up in there but crazy
but it's all sales & commission based, i swear, i asked the chick this on the phone & she said, no & paid training blah blah
she must get a commission based on how many people she get's in to interview. AND there was about 5 others there to interview as well
'eh we shall see, i'm gonna go monday, it's at least something extra i can do, along with another shit job

whatever, i'm spending my Sat at the library filling out 5 applications !! wOO hOO

it's sad when Friday night you jogging til 1am & then up & a the Library by 10am as soon as they open LoL
i'm not sure if i'm turning old or into a GeeK

Tonights a party at Current !! that'll be fun, haven't been out in DC since .... ah Zegfields !!!
i just hope it's not overly crowded in there, i ALWAYs has been when i've been there !!!
OH you know Steves is closed right, yeah, so dont try to go there

theres a few things i miss with having this tongue ring
#1 Spitting !!!! i used to be able to spit for distance !!! not i'm lucky to get it out the window
#2 when i have a few drinks i develop a lisp !!! WTF
#3 i mistake it for a pill and drink a gallon of water trying to swollow it before i realized it was the ring i was filling
#4 the tip of my tongue is still numb ish

Don't forget to Call you MoM tomorrow !!! Mothers Day :)

alright i'm off here, i need a V8 & got 2 more applications to go
MaD LoVe
yEr reD ruNNer

skull candy = Morphine

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