Monday, May 2, 2011


well my sunday consisted of some amazing soul food omg
I need more

and at 11 you informing me of Bin Ladens Death which NOW i wish i had joined the party at the White House cause it looked like FUN not to mention the FACT that i was metroing right through the damn city just a moment before your text arrived LoL figures ... i have the CLOSEST to GooD Timing Ever Missed

iv been missing calls all weekend and this morning realized my phone has been in silent mode lol
I swear

unpacking is a pain in my assets

but I only have myself to blame for this stupidity

my feet hurt, got up & ran, gasped for air, then walked & repeated until i felt like i was gonna throw up, that food was GREAT but my diegestive track is POed at me

did I tell you its these diet pills that are making me short of breath !!! wtf especially since they claim to work best with a diet & exercise, kinda hard to exercisewhen you can't breathe !!!
so no more diet pills, i don't know why i try them anyways !!! their as successful as my dating attempts !!!

but no more of that nonsense either, though i do get some GREAT stories out of those attempts

anywhosit, i was recently told i was sending "mixed signals"

i don't think i'm a mixed signal person but my biker does ... i think my signal are just hard to disiphere but certainly not mixed ... and everything gets lost in translation over chat/text etc

anywhosit, i'm at the library now & must get some shit done & go apply for some jobs at the shopping center by my house

did you get my res??

peace out warrior
yer red reactor

skull candy = Frou Frou (hear me out)

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