Tuesday, April 26, 2011

posT wEEk enD

well my weekend was pretty good, Friday diner w/R & the fam

Saturday had a date … and was again reminded that I need to STOP trying to date
This guy didn’t say 10 word the whole date
The DRIVE was longer than the date for gods sake !!!!
When I got there, I was walking in & saw him sitting outside & you know first impressions, this guy is ROCKING a pair of jeans with a hole in them at the thigh about a foot long, spotted it a block away … really, not one pair of jeans without holes ???? sorry not at OUR age dude

Fine, go in & get a pool table & shoot some pool.
I try to make conversation but it was NOT happening, not with his one word answers
I asked if he was shy ?? he said not at all … he did not ask me ONE question NOTHING

I ordered some food cause I was starving !!! but shortly after the food was there he said he had to leave after this game cause he parked in a 2hr parking spot and didn’t want a ticket, the date was less than an hour … once the game was done, he racked it up & walked away … didn’t get to finish my food AND you know how happy I am without food

i don't know what the deal was, not interested ?? shy ?? retarded ?? Married Probably !!! cause it had occured to me that he never once called on the phone, just text ... yeah, probably married, or involved
i'm done for the gaBillionTH time !!!!

SO that night went w/my girls to Zeigfields AND enjoyed the penis show ALL night

Got LOADED, apparently I picked up the Drag Queen Bees feather boa and walked off with it, well upstairs LOL later a bouncer (I think a bouncer) came up & retrieved it lol it was a VERY nice boa & it smelled AMAZING
the bouncer was nice too, and straight, well so he said, i still say you have to be at least bi to work there !!! LoL though there was no shortage of straight


I LOVE that pLace !!! it always’s cheers me UP !!!

Sunday was spent in recovery

Monday heard from my future job & plan on a job offer today

Last night didn't sleep for shit !!! aweful dreams all night long waking me up terrified !!! why can't i NOT remember my dreams

then just kept falling right back into it
this haunted house during a rain storm, lost power
had to go in the basement & flip the fuse without a flashlight
but what was geting me was i was being chased by wind and something invisible pushing me, ripping at me ... scarred me

i'm considering having a baby with a gay couple ... i think that would be nice, i'm done with straight men !!!

the ones i want don't want me AND the ones that want me i don't want
it's just not my thing

SO plan B
they would be better than a straight one anyway's !!! especially the ones i pick !!!

annnywhosit, i'm off here only an hour on this battery & of course there is someone at the ONE outlet available at this library, UPDATE already !!!

mad love,
yer frustrated red

skull candy = Nina

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