Saturday, April 16, 2011

thE reaL reD

i think my roomies are the most wasteful things on the planet !!! if they run that dishwasher with only 3-6 dishes in it ONE more time, I swear !!! I’m gonna remove a fuse or something so ONLY I can run it !!!! I don’t understand that little contribution of RUNNING the dish washer, neither of them load or unload it ???? yet they run it apparently without looking to see if it needs it

they bother me … thank GOD I never see them

I don’t know about where ever your at but it’s raining holy buckets here & windy as all get out !!! flood and tornado warnings all morning/afternoon

I had to much coffee/lattee today, I was all jittery until about 2pm … it’s just so fun to make

I was par oozing CL on this rainy day, there are some good ones, i might go on a date tonight … though he did want a ReaL red head he might be upset it’s not real red
Whats the big deal ??? shit, I recently had (a complete stranger) ask if my hair was natural … I’m not sure where here on planet E that there is a race that has Candy Apple Red hair ALL NaturAl but I would LOVE to meet them
The chick went on AND on about how disappointed she was when I told her it’s dyed, THREE or so times, “I’m so disappointed’

Thank GOD I’m not out to please women !!! AND no offence Jon but this was coming from a black woman who I am SURE probably rocked her share of weaves WTF are you disappointed in ??? I don’t know ONE woman that has ALL natural hair

And those who don’t are hippies OK but even when I was a hippy I DYED my hair
Then I shaved it LoL

Anywhosit, today has consisted on Martial Arts Movies and itsy/bitsy time

I need to get my 8miles in today AND that is not from the movie OK god, I walk part trail part neighborhood and drove it and turns out to be 8 miles,
Which is my fav # also

Do you still read these ??

well i'm now over in the RT parking lot and the storm is BACK wow it's getting dark with the quickness !!! so much for that jog, i'm pretty sure i'de get blown away !!! well i'm off here

MaD LoVe
Yer MaD ReD

Red is a GooD MoVie BTW you seen it ??? I LOVE Malkovich

Skull candy = Bitter SweeT

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