Friday, April 15, 2011

metro hormones

I do not know what possess complete strangers to engage me weather pleasant or not

and NO I do not give a shit that she was knocked up !!! that is not a free bitch pass !!!

this is day two carrying around this coffee maker, I crashed at Ts last night, her aunt grilled some amazing burgers mmmmm
so day two, just fucking now, we board the train and this lady is tailgating me to my seat, well im trying to untangle myself from my coffee maker and back pack and this lady us standing on me like shes trying to sit beside me I WANT IT TO BE CLEAR ON THIS, THERE IS TWO EMPTY BENCHES BEHIND ME, ONE EMPTY BENCH INFRONT OF ME AND TWO OPEN SEATS, THATS JUST, right there THE TRAIN IS HALF EMPTY it's fucking 11am, dead metro
this lady finally sits down right infront of me !!!! ok shes sitting, turns to me and says "it'd be nice to get a seat" cause I have my shit beside me
it didn't end there, no, three more times, she turns to me calling me ignorant, inconsiderate, AND eyeing me n my stuff, T mouths to me "what is her problem"
everyone is looking like wtf
third time my patience is gone, I feeling half sick, n this bitch turns n opens her mouth, and I cut her off
"lady you say one more word at me and I'm going to throw up in your hair"

seriously wtf is wrong with people !!!
half empty train n this ladies acting like people are standing cause I'm hogging a bench !!!!

so thats was that, I feigned throwing up lol she left me alone after that

but seriously wtf
I'm chalking it up to knocked up crazy hormones

I can't wait to get home, take a nap n make a latte !!!

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