Friday, April 15, 2011

hoRmonEs on the meTro

That wasn’t it !!! wow, I totally forgot AFTER I said I’de throw up in her hair SHE said

“oh, why don’t you just punch me in my belly to”
WTF !!! how did it go there ???

So I smiled back and slowly raised my middle finger til she turned away

Who DOES that !!! prego or NOT

At some point !!! how do you NOT say, wow, I’m being a total BITCH maybe I should leave this complete stranger out of my trifling state and save it for the asshole who actually FUCKED ME

Annnywhosit, so that is actually THAT whole story, I flicked off a pregnant lady

Not my best moment but I can only take so much shit talk AND glare at that close of range

On a Karmic Note PRIOR to this event, I was feeling a sugar crash in the Pentagon Mall and while cutting through a chocolate macadamia with a Plastic knife, I totally cut open my finger on the BLUNT end … I know, I know
If it were a real knife I’de have lost the tip of my finger
AND T was trying to get me to put hand sanitizer on it !!! OUCH !!! why do people think pain has to be part of healing ??

I’m running my Tassimo through the cleaning process right now !!! I’m SO in LOVE with this damn machine :) you know me & my damn coffee, and this does it ALL with just the push of a button jon, it’s my favorite appliance right now

On another Karmic Note ALSO PRIOR to Prego … I have a LOVELY bruise on my back Left Lower Calf from guy who pushed his luggage into me !!! I barley got off the train in tact and sain I SWEAR !!! he did apoligize & I said its fine & limped away

Totally FREE STUFF the past 2 DAYs !!!

#1 of Course the BrewBot

#2 a Sage Sapling

#3 Coconut Body Butter OMG I need MORE

#4 Washington Post

Next time I will walk to the opposite end of the train ... or actually throw up in her hair LoL

Its not like I wanted to flick off a pregnant lady, I just wanted her to leave me ALONE ... what pregnant woman talks SMACK to a stranger !!!

Ok I’m done and besides a HOT corveTTe just rolled into the parking lot here purrrrity


I’m putting myself down for a nap !!! exhausted, feet hurt, calves hurt ... finger hurts ...

Mad LoVe,
yEr rEd hEad

skull candy = MJ

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