Wednesday, April 13, 2011


was riding this platform through this mall, the mall was huge, miles huge indoor n out n

but the part that woke me that scared me was I had been arrested for murder, thee was someone dressing up as an old crazy dead looking woman wielding an ax

an while I was being questioned in a grocery store in the middle of the night, heard this dragging of metal noise, the sherif says, shes here, n me n the officer stand up n look over the top of the office wall, all I can see is crazy salt n pepper hair, we all walk out the door n into the produce section where she is, wearing a khaki trench coat n dragging a ax, she turns around n her face is all contorted, eyes buggeyed, n mouth open, then she makes this awful sound, a high pitch scratchy scream, and throws the ax but misses the sherif who throws his own ax, n the officer is throwing some circular blade thing and they all toss the axes.blades back n forth through the grocery all the while ashes making this awful sound
at the first I think awesome this proves its not me
but I realize it is me
n I suddenly remember these gaps when I left my kids n when I got back home wondering why I had up n left my children unsupervised but couldn't remember anything but riding around the mall on this platform controlled by a hand remote like a tv looking remote
so now the lady is coming at me and I freeze, I can't do anything the cops are throwing axes but ashes catching n tossing back quicker than them
but she was me n iIwas trying to figure out which was real the dead me or the me she was about to kill
n I woke hearing that awful sound she made !!! freaked me out for a few minutes after I woke :( I was afraid to go pee

right before she killed me, right before I woke, I was back flashing, remembering all the people I had hacked up ... and I sere through her eyes, even myself as she axed into my shoulder

terrible ... I may just stay awake
I don't want to fall back into that dream

happy hump day

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