Monday, April 18, 2011

Mr 1000

So I’m trying this online site, different one, maybe this time it’ll have better results

God knows I’m done meeting men in bars!!! After OH #3 most wanted I’m rather terrified to meet in person until I have googled any possible candidates !!!

I WILL NOT be on unsolved mysteries !!! or that “I survived” but I’ll jacked up now show NOOOOO

This site is funny EVERY single guy has down for children *undecided*
Isn’t that something YOU KNOW ?? if it were up to men, the human race would NOT be ruling the planet !!! rabbits would

I had my honest age up there but NO one hit me back … I think they think my pics are up to date w/my real age … I do look great for my age !!! so I knocked a few years off and BAM got some attention … I think ALL women lie about their age, when we’re young we claim to be older when we’re older, younger
BUT that is cause of you men, you guys want one or the other, I’ve never met a man who dates his own age … or a woman for that matter LoL

Annnywhosit, I got little Italy that looks nice, Puerto Rico AND a mixed brother with a 1000 GXSR  SO we shall see how chatting goes, that’s half the battle right there with online dating, over half end up being virtual pen pals that inevitable fizzle out !!!

Today is a Georgious Day !!! I’v got my window wide up and the sun IS shinning !!! the plants LOVE it !!!

Having a wonderful latte’ mmmmmmm

I’m definitely getting in my 8 miles today !!! maybe MORE !!! what else do I have to do
OH find a fucking job, I run out of $$ like, SHITTAAHHHHHH

Yeah, that is a necessity to, finding a FT job !!! Full Time is what I’m meditating for YES

Alrighty I’m off !!!

I thought I sent this out already BUT here it is nearly 10pm I spent the day hiking from Rock Creek to Adams Morgan !!! beautiful Day for a great hike through the woods & into the city. Nearly 2hr each way !!!

Well I’m off now, desperately need a shower, the FUNK is STRONG on Me

Well now it’s MONDAY and Ive been chatting with Mr 1000 GXSR oh my
Just fucking guess what color his bike is !!!! mmmmmmmm
And I said I was going back to white … sigh, he’s black hahaha

Got in interview this THURSDAY at 11am !!!  this IS MY JOB

I’m having the worst time breathing this week  truly, I can’t job let alone run, walking takes a good mile before I get past feeling like I’m gonna faint SUCKS, I’m so short winded, god forbid I have to go up a flight of stairs, I gotta break for air half way up
Shortness of breath followed by lightheaded ness and fatigue ugh

AND don’t tell me to go to the Dr ok !!! people with Ins go to Dr’s the rest of us tough it out
My biker tries to tell me he would go see a Dr. without ins !!! to which I say NO THE FUCK YOU WOULDN’T !!!
Let say I have a few hundred to toss at a Dr. with shortness of breath issues, he’s not gonna know a THING until he’s schedules some test and gets the results BUT as soon as I say I have no Ins., he’s gonna say, stop jogging until you get Ins

So as tempting as that is … I WILL pass until I get Ins

Well I’m off to job hunt for a while

Mad LoVe
yeR Red

skull candy = letters to cleo

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