Thursday, April 14, 2011

haLf naKed cirCle

SO as you know i WON my Tassimo BrewBot !!! i've been up since 5am and still utterly EXCITED about my being the FIRST HA HA HA

anywhosit, spent the rest of the day trucking around DC !!! hit up DuPont Circle which is always a great people watching place starting with the half naked man with a HeaLthy GUT and painted on hair walking STRAIGHT at me ... don't make eye contact, don't make eye contact !!! shit Dont make GUT contact nOOOOO ... sat right next to me ... sigh

then i observed this dude picking his nose, i mean really going for it and Jon he ATE it !!!!! not once BUT THRICE !!!!! OMG .... then he sat up & turned out to be a girl ... who knew

i hope to NEVER be mistaken for a dude EVER in my life !!!

but the highlight of DuPont was the arrest of the two white girls in black, drinking at the circle !!! AND they cuffed them with Pink Cuffs, which i thought looked good considering the situation .... after the cuffing the officers riffled through their stuff and found someTHING more !!! ha ha ha, she's pointed with it scolding the girls, WAIT i really shouldnt say girls, they were 30s LoL definitely OLD enough to know better ha ha ha AND all the while this is going down the Park Cleared OUT !!!! population down by half LOL

and finally this MAN .... yes a MAN parallel parking like a fucking idiot, hitting TWICE and pushing the car behind him, completely unaware fucking moron !!!! and of course me, i'm like as LOUD so that everyone sitting at this cafe watching (i walking but stopped for this idiot) i make it be known "AND IT"S A GUY" FUCKING MEN CANT DRIVE OR PARK
he heard me to LoL

people in DC

well it was a worth while trip i was thee first for the Tassimo !!! i got there before they set UP oh i got my picture taken, i still need to find their shit on Facebook AND tag myself !!!

i really wanted to try the Obama Star Martini with Dark AND White Chocolate LOL mmmmmmmmm


alright i'm about to tear down this BURGER !!!!!


i heart cow
grilled, charred

mad love,
yer Caffinated Red

skull candy = Steven Marley

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